Aaron Kosminski Admission to Leavesden Asylum

Aaron Kosminski Admission to Leavesden Asylum

Aaron Kosminski Admission to Leavesden Asylum


Aaron Kosminski Admission to Leavesden Asylum

Aaron Kosminski was registered at Leavesden Asylum Hospital on the 19th April 1894. The following are the details of his admission;

Registered No. Of Admission: 7367

Name: Kozminksi Aaron

Date of Admission: 19th April 1894

Age: 29

Parish: Mile End

Married, Single, or Widowed: left blank

Previous Occupation: Hairdresser

Religion: Jew

When and where under previous care and treatment as mentally affected: Colney Hatch

Number of previous attacks: left blank

Whether subject to Epilepsy: No

Whether suicidal or dangerous: No

Name and address of nearest known relative, and degree of relationship: Mother, Mrs Kozminski, 63 New Street, New Road, Whitechapel, London 1

Causation – left blank

Facts indicating insanity – left blank

Family History – left blank

Personal History – left blank

Bodily condition on admission – left blank

History of present attack – left blank

With him came the document discharging him from Colney Hatch Asylum:

7367 London County Asylum Colney Hatch: This is to certify that Aaron Kozminski aged 29 a patient discharged from this Asylum today has not recovered, and I am of opinion that he is a proper person to be kept in a Workhouse as a Lunatic. Dated this 19th day of April 1894. Signed the medical Superindentent.

There are two separate records of his case register. (There is a gap of over 16 years in the records kept for Aaron Kozminski).

The Case Register:

Mental condition – Diagnosis: Dementia Secondary

10.9.10 – Faulty in his habits, he does nothing useful and cannot answer questions of a simple nature.

29.9.11 – Patient is dull and vacant. Faulty in habits. Adds nothing useful. Nothing can be got by questions.

15.4.12 – Widal but negative

6.9.12 – No replies can be got, dull and stupid manner and faulty in his habits. Is weak.

16.1.13 – patient is morose in manners. He scribbles safely can be got by questions, he mutters incoherently. Faulty in habits

16.7.14 – Incoherent and excitable: troublesome at times. Hallucinations of hearing. Untidy.

17.2.15 – Pat merely mutters when asked questions. He has hallucinations of sight and hearing and is very excitable at times. Does not work. Clean but untidy in dress

2.2.16 – patient does not know his age or how long he has been here. He has hallucinations of sight and hearing and is at times very obstinate. Untidy but clean, does no work


In the Register of patients of the Metropolitan Asylums Board there are more records for Aaron Kozminski.

1.4.14 – patient has hallucinations of sight and hearing, is very excitable at times, very untidy, bodily condition fair

1.8.15 – No improvement

11.11.15 – The patient has cut the left eye caused by knock on lip in bathroom.

8.7.16 – No improvement

5.4.17 – No improvement

26.5.18 – Patient put to bed passing loose motions with blood in mucus

27.5.18 – Transferred to 8A

3.6.18 – Diarrhoea ceased. Ordered up by Dr Reece

28.1.19 – put to bed with swollen feet

20-2-19 – Put to bed with swollen feet and feeling unwell. Temp 99 degrees.

13.3.19 – Right hip broken down

22.3.19 – Taken little nourishment during day, but very noisy

23.3.19 – Appears very low, little nourishment during the day

24.3.19 – Died in my presence at 5.5am. Marks on body sore on left hip and left leg. S.Bennett. night attd


Aaron Kosminski Admission to Leavesden Asylum