Book a Jack the Ripper Tour

Book a Jack the Ripper Tour

The Tour Details, what to expect!


Our Tour starts promptly at 7pm everyday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Our meeting place is Aldgate East 2, the Toynbee Hall exit.

(Please note that we reserve the right to cancel or change your booking up to 24 hours prior to the event date).

From here, we walk along Commercial Street and turn into Wentworth Street.  At the corner of Wentworth Street and Gunthorpe Street, you will find out about the grim and violent area that Whitechapel was during the latter part of the Victorian era.  You will discover what life was like for the poor ‘unfortunates’ and how the mass influx of the Jewish people from Poland had an affect on the highly impoverished area of Whitechapel.  You will also here of the many murders of that time and discuss the first two of the Whitechapel murders.

From here, we walk along Wentworth Street where the first Whitechapel victim was attacked.

We then amble along Brick Lane where you will appreciate the different sights and sounds of the area to give you a feel for the East End.

We stop at the Shaad Curry House where we describe the first Ripper Victims demise and the last day of her life – Mary Ann Nichols or ‘Polly’ Nichols.

We then enter further into Brick Lane and explore the many diverse historical buildings as we walk past.

We walk into Hanbury Street, the second actual murder site of the acknowledged Ripper Vicitim – Annie Chapman.

Enjoy walking through one of the few remaining streets that have the houses that were standing at the time of the Murders.  Its eerie and chilling and exactly what it was like at the time of the Ripper.  Photo opportunity.

We then move onto the 5th murder site, that of Mary Jane Kelly.  On our way we walk past the Ten Bells Public House, the centrepiece of the story.

Once you’ve had time to absorb the grisly tale of the Rippers last murder, we walk further into Spitalfields, where you will see the many sights and differences of old and new London.

We then take along what we like to call ‘Ripper Diagon Alley.  We stroll along the street where Petticoat Lane market is held.

Witness a demonstration by our expert tour guide of the third Ripper Murder – Elizabeth Stride.

A short distance away, we stand in the doorway of the ‘Goulston Street Grafitto’ where you will hear about the classic blunders made by the Police.

Throughout the tour we will discuss the Social History of Whitechapel during the Reign of the Ripper, The Ripper Murders, The Autumn of Terror plus two other murders, that of Emma Smith and Martha Tabram.  Finally the story of how Russell Edwards conclusively proved the true identify of the murderer that was dubbed : Jack the Ripper.


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