About Daniella DVille

About Daniella DVille

Danielle D'Ville


Feast your eyes upon the princess of pain and multiple Guinness world record holder Daniella D’Ville. This unique side show artiste performs death-defying stunts with her arsenal of nails, swords and other lethal weaponry. This international sensation astonishes shocks and delights audiences with her alluringly macabre, world record breaking acts of torture, agility and seduction wrapped up with a twist of comedy.

Daniella is a London based speciality circus sideshow entertainer and multiple Guinness World Record holder with a strong dance and classical background.

Her acts are a dynamic, charismatic dance and dangerous stunt fusion, guaranteed to create something new and fresh for any style of event, an act that stretches the boundaries to excite many audiences.

Visit her website at www.danielladville.com



“I have to say even the most daring of people were looking on in amazement as she laid down then had a gentleman stand on her whilst lay on a bed of nails. She was amazing as ever, and got a great crowd reaction.”

The Met online

“Daniella D’Ville has created a show of wierd and wonderful acts.”

The Daily Mail

“A sideshow performer who tore up the stage at the Bizarre Ball.”

Bizarre Magazine

“Daniella’s performance was incredible and unbelievable. I could not believe my eyes, thoroughly enjoyable!”

BBC presenter and Absolute radio presenter Iain Lee

About Daniella DVille

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