Student Jack the Ripper Experience

Student Jack the Ripper Experience

Student Jack the Ripper Experience



Student Jack the Ripper Experience

Take the Student Jack the Ripper Experience and relive the Autumn of Terror of 1888 with a meal at The Famous Curry Bazaar.  Russell Edwards himself, the man who identified Jack the Ripper, 126 years after the horrific murders took place runs the experience.

Look out for the man with the Bowler Hat waiting for you at Algate East Tube Station (Exit 2)


Follow in the steps of Jack the Ripper as he murdered his 5 victims over a 10 week period. Visit the places where he mutilated his victims in a most terrible manner. This tour is unique to all the rest as you will be able to fully grasp the sensation of murderer himself.

Eat at The Famous Curry Bazaar in Brick Lane pre experience.

Please ensure you are at The Famous Curry Bazaar in Brick Lane before 5pm with the Tour commencing at 7pm from Aldgate East Tube Station (exit 2).

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Annie Chapman - 8th September 1888 - Disemboweled

Annie Chapman

Annie Chapman Jack the Ripper Victim Killed 8th September 1888 29 Hanbury Street Disemboweled   The second victim murdered by Jack the Ripper was dear ol’ friend of mine, Annie Chapman, we called ‘er “Dark Annie”. Annie’s butchered body was found on the morning of Saturday September 8th 1888, in the backyard of 29 Hanbury […]

Mary Jane Kelly - 9th November 1888 - Butchered, Throat slashed

Mary Jane Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly Killed 9th November 1888 13, Millers Court Butchered, Throat Slashed   The fifth and final Ripper victim was Mary Jane Kelly.  Her murder was the dramatic conclusion in the gruesome violence inflicted on the series of prostitutes murdered in Whitechapel by the same killer.  Mary’s body was, without doubt, the most brutally […]

Catherine Eddowes - 30th September 1888 - Mutilated & Body Parts Stolen

Catherine Eddowes

Catherine Eddowes Killed 30th September 1888 Mitre Square Mutilated & Body Parts Stolen   Because he was disturbed killin ‘ol Liz and couldn’t finish the job, Jack the Ripper went lookin’ for his second victim of the night. He found one. ‘Er name was Catherine Eddowes. Poor ol’ Kate was found totally ripped up on […]

Elizabeth Stride - 30th September 1888 - Throat Slashed

Elizabeth Stride

Elizabeth Stride Killed 30th September 1888 Dutfields Yard Throat Slashed   Three weeks after ol’ Annie was murdered, a good pal o’ mine Elizabeth Stride, Long Liz we called ‘er, ‘ad ‘er throat cut in the early hours of the 30th of September She lost ‘er husband and was left destitute without two brass farthins […]

Polly Nichols - 31st August 1888 - Disemboweled

Polly Nichols

Mary Anne “Polly” Nichols Killed 31st August 1888 At Buck’s Row Disemboweled   My mate Mary Ann Nichols, “Polly” we used to call ‘er, was the first proper murder victim of Jack the Ripper. She fell on ‘ard times too and took to the same ways as ol’ Martha. At the time she copped it, […]

Martha Tabram - 7th August 1888 - Stabbed 39 Tiimes

Martha Tabram

Martha Tabram Killed 7th August 1888 Gunthorpe Street Stabbed 39 Times   Alright my lovelies! Ere, let me tell ya about the murders that went on right ere in Whitechapel in 1888. A lot of my ol mates were butchered by the killer that we all called Jack The Ripper. Right ‘orrible state of affairs […]